Manufacturers trust us with helping them increase their footprint in international markets. We facilitate the export of a myriad of private brands by identifying opportunities for brands, while helping brands manage and optimise their supply chain and developing customised solutions.


We form key partnerships with different organisations to ensure we are able to offer import/export services in different countries with different landscapes. Whether it's understanding different government policies/regulations, or entering  markets that have a different language, we have partners that can fill in the gaps.


Who's products we export


These brands produce; clothing, linen, interior decor products, personal care products, wine, luxury packaging, ultrabiotic probiotics, drinks, cleaning products, meat, spa products etc.



We help you research and build your business case,before we delve into trying to export goods to any particular market, we spend time learning about that market. This entails understanding the export requirements and export regulations of any potential export market before we start exporting.


It also involves building relationships with experts in the target industry and in the exporting world, who are formidable partners enabling us to attain success in the chosen markets. We conduct research into export regulations before we ship


We travel to the other countries whos markets we are interested in exporting to. This means we actually go into the field (not just attend a trade show) and see how the market behaves. By doing this, we can learn what process your customers have to go through to acquire your type of product, which is difficult information to to gather from afar.


When venturing into new markets we consider how competitive is a brand's pricing, or will a brand be priced out of the market, what will the final cost be to a brand's customer? This helps us determine what your brands pricing structure should look like.


Another aspect we look at is how will exporting to a certain country affect your capacity? It's especially important for small and midsize businesses to review their capacity and look at how selling into foreign markets will impact it. Once you've made that determination, you should adjust your price accordingly.

What type of financing will you use?






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